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One time we were distinguished by the colour of our skin. No matter of high education, no matter of beauty, no matter of richness; you are black, you still

black. You cannot change their opinion; we want only to get respect, as every race want too. And it is not too late to change their opinion, but to me respect

should be imposed. My name is Omar. I am black with round brown eyes, and thick curly hair. I am only describing my face, but when it comes to my body.........

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Strangeness of Life
            Universities are places where most of the students want to realise their dreams.  Mounia and Asdek are two of those students whose dream came true when they met at university, felt in love with each other and promised to be together forever. They became one soul and no one of them could imagine life without the other. Year by year, their love grew stronger. When they had finished their studies at the university, they started to work together. After their love had even grown stronger and stronger, they decided to get married. At that moment, they spent the happiest moments of their lives. Their life became even more brilliant after the birth of their first son Mounsir. Mounia decided to leave her work so as to give her full time to her husband and her son. She promised herself to give her son the best education and her husband the best help to reach a good position in his work. In that way, their small family would live in an everlasting happiness. Later they moved to a bigger house and Asdek started working within political parties, the job he always dreamed of. Unfortunately an incident happened and interrupted the couple’s happiness. It was Mounia who was obliged to enter the hospital in order to receive a medical examination. She did not know what was wrong with her leg until she received the very bad news from her lovely husband. She was really shocked when she heard him saying, “I’m pretty sorry baby. You’ve got to be courageous because the doctors told me that your leg had to be cut in order to save your life. You have to trust me my dear and be sure that I’ll take care of you, and I promise I will never leave you.” Mounia could not bear the new situation; every thing was dark for her. The encouragements of her husband were the only candle that helped her to find the right way to confront that ugly, black world. She tried hard to fight her weakness and accepted her new life. Months later, she felt that Asdek started to change as he became less careful about her and their son. Mounia could no more hide her nerves and she asked him about the reasons behind his behaviour. When he told her the truth, she felt completely crushed and couldn’t believe what was happening to her. In fact, it was a silly truth. She hoped that it was a lie because that would break down all her dreams and put an end to her life. In a very cold way, he told her that he could no more live in that situation and that he was obliged to marry Rim, a woman he met when his wife was in hospital. The worst thing is that he asked her either to get divorced or to move to another house. Mounia was obliged to leave the house she built and furnished with her deep love and live in another one in order that she would protect her son. Asdek, on the other hand, was eager to show the house to his new wife, hoping for a better life. Years passed and he held a high-level position in his job. Planning for a comfortable future after the retirement, he decided to buy many shops and give them to Rim’s brothers in order to secure his job’s position and to escape from taxation. That was, of course, the idea of Rim. As usual, Asdek visited Mounia who asked him to be careful with his new decisions. But he did not care about her. In contrast, he blamed her by saying that he would no more come to visit her and listen to those comments. He also added that he would send her money by means of post office. Years later, Asdek got retired. He was very happy because he secured his future. He asked Rim’s brothers to give him his shops. Yet, they ignored this fact, demonstrating their ignorance by claiming that there were no papers that could prove the contract between them and him. When he asked Rim to help him to get back his shops, she refused by saying that she had no power on them. To his surprise,  she also asked him for divorce and prevented him from selling the house, which became hers. The unique solution for Asdek was to sell the car and brought Rim’s brothers to trial which he lost. He became homeless, penniless, and hopeless. He passed all the coming nights in hotels and sometimes in his friends’ houses. The oppression of the situation affected his health. When he got up one morning, he found himself in the hospital surrounded by Mounia, his first love, and their son who became a manager of a big firm. He was deeply hurt when Mounia informed him that he could no more walk and that she would never leave him.  From that time on, Mounia and Asdek lived together for the rest of their life receiving help from their son.
                                                                                                                                                                              By Hanane. F.

Orphan’s Heart
               Mary, a twelve years old girl, was beautiful like an angel. She was spotless, and she had rosaceous cheeks. Her lips were like a cherry, and her eyes were like a blue sky. She lived with her parents in a house where there was love and affection. She never needed anything. She used to travel with her father around the world. But one day during summer, she went to an encampment where she used to spend the most beautiful moment in her life with her best friends. Once there, she received the most frightful call in her life. She was told that her mother was dying. The news pierced her heart like an arrow. She returned back home to see her mother but it was too late.
                After the mother’s death, Mary and her father remained alone at home. Of course they were in need of someone to care about them. A month later, the father decided to get married a second time, so he told Mary about his intention. At the beginning the news was shocking for her, but at the end she thought it was necessary to have someone to care. Few days later, the father married Linda, a clever girl of twenty-two. A lot of changes occurred inside the family and it was not easy for Mary to get accustomed to the new life. But soon, she realized that the “new mother” was also a good one.  So Mary started to help her in the house work. They have even become such good friends that Linda offered Mary an armlet that she had been offered for her marriage. The father was happy to see that the relationship between the new wife and the daughter was improving. A couple of days later, the father received a telegram saying that he would have a mission in a foreign country for a month. 
                When he left, Mary and Linda’s relationship became worse. Surprisingly, Linda changed her behaviour towards Mary: she became unkind and even cruel with her. Mary could not understand that change in behaviour. When the father came back home, Mary told him about those incidents, but Linda managed to convince him by making up some lies. Furthermore, she told him that she was pregnant. The father did not react at all; besides, he put all the blame on Mary. The family mood became worse and worse when Linda had thrown away the clothes of Mary’s mother. Loosing her self-control, Mary started shouting at Linda furiously. At that moment, the father got in and witnessed the altercation. Without asking, he put the blame on Mary again, beat her savagely, and turned her out in a cold snowy night. Strangely, the father did not worry at all about Mary.  She remained outside for a couple of hours without food and water. Her skin became blue, and her body was weakening step by step until she fainted. Hearing a strange noise outside, the father got out and found her outside, lying on the ground.  He took her in and called a doctor, but it was really too late. Mary died of hypothermia. The father regretted his behaviour with pain and despair. After that incident, he blamed himself, divorced, and lived alone for the rest of his life, loosing a beloved daughter and a pregnant wife.