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For the sake of knowledge and inquiry

I urge minds to fight illiteracy


Glory and fame hinder wisdom

Guiding and helping promote freedom


When devotion and hard work prevail

Creativity and success never fail


We all say money ensures happiness

Yet, can it fight the mind's darkness?


It can lead you towards uncertainty

Being educated will increase your vanity


The literate are proud of their success

But the rich espouse worry and distress


Treasure yet is knowledge, not inheritance

So, let your pursuit for learning be intense!

                                                       N. Oulladi Nov 30, 2014

I Wish...

I wish the world would live in peace

And all violence would cease
For the only thing I find
Is hatred that keeps us blind
I wish all people would live in happiness
Chasing away sorrow and sadness
I wish our pain would go away
And feel good every single day
I wish we could realize our dreams
And forget a bit about our screams
I wish we could touch the sky
And fly high like a butterfly
I wish we could reach the stars
And stop bearing our scars
I wish all days were sunny
And life was as sweet as honey
I wish we were all friends
And were ready to offer helping hands
I wish all lovers could live together
And would be happy forever
I wish we could hold a self-satisfaction
And stop looking for perfection
That would make of us a perfect looser
And would oblige us to surrender
I wish we could show our emotions
To relieve our pains and forget altercations
I wish we could always smile to each other
And take our wishes further
                      By Asma. (3rd year secondary school student)

Loving Mother

I still remember the touch of your hands

I still remember the smile of your eyes

I still remember the sound of your calls

With you I lived in a world full of joys

I had no meaning for fear or tears

I was as happy as a fish in the seas

There were no danger, no blame and no disease

Love, hope, tenderness chased away all worries

Why did you go? Would you come back please?

Without you I have no eyes, no ears

They asked me to eat but I find no taste no needs

Hope comes yet does not increase

My body an my soul are full of disease

Day by day the magic world disappears

While the ugly black world appears

Where there is no light, but plenty of fears

I'm alone waiting for you on my knees.

                      From Inspiration by Hanane F. (3rd year student)



When you went and left me,

I felt very angry

And decided to study.

Moving ahead to get myself ready,

To forget wounds and be happy.

Soon I've become more and more lazy;

I don't know where the problem is exactly,

Yet time is killing me slowly,

And the days seem to be moving badly

Since my father didn't want to be lonely.

Breaking the myth and got the right to marry,

I told him yes daddy

I have to agree and bear the lady.

That's why I am so scared;

Of that news I'm so mad.

I feel the hope and be not bad.

Why not study and be not sad,

Be on my side mum, I'm afraid to lose my dad.

                     From Inspiration by Hanane F. (3rd year student)



I'm really sorry if I make you feel mad

I'm really sorry if my actions were too bad

I can't close my eyes or even stay in bed

I will never forgive myself if you're still sad

I wish to die when I remember what I've done

I don't want our days to disappear or gone

I don't know who should I blame, myself or my phone

I'll understand if you tell me go away and leave me alone

I know I hurt you and I don't know the cure

I'm sorry because it didn't happen to me before

I don't know what to do if you close this door

I'm afraid to lose you and can't see you anymore

I feel ashamed because I made you think like that

I know that I teased you and there is no but

I hope that I didn't raze your broken smiles

If I did, please accept my apologize

May be you're right...I play a lot with my tongue

I know if I carry on with that I won't go too long

I'm sorry for every sentence, every word

You are the only friend I've got in this world

I can't wait to see you or even calm my hurry

I can't hide my regret or even my worry

I don't want to live with you this sad story

I don't know if it's enough to say sorry

Sorry, sorry, sorry,...

                     From Inspiration by  M. H. Y. ( 3rd year student)


The Widow

Once upon a night, I was sitting in my room

Such a quiet moment, such lovely perfume


Suddenly I heard something behind the wall

The door began to rattle and a voice began to call


I hurried to the window and look down into the street

I saw a woman crying and barely stand on her feet


I swift to her before she falls on the floor

I quickly recognized her soon I opened the door


She stood in front of me with her arms held open wild

Stared to me for a while than clung to me and cried


I tried to make it easy on her so I took her in

She started crying as she was telling me where she'd been


I asked her to take a deep breath and tell me what this all about

She told me I had a peaceful live without any doubt


My husband was working here and there

Until they came to take him away, no one knows where


I looked for him every single day asking but no one did care

I did all my best; I went beyond my mere


Few days later in a rainy night, a man came to my place

It was too dark I couldn't recognize his face


Brought with him a black case made of made of wood

He told me it's for you but to look within it I never could


Finally I gathered my strength and I tried to take a look

I couldn't believe my eyes for me it was a big shock


Something strange happened to her which I don't know

But to make sure I told her stay here I must go


I called my brother and to her place we went ahead   

We found the case surrounded with blood like the woman said


I got down on my knees frightened by that hell

What they've done to him I really can't tell


Back home she asked me whether her husband was alive

I couldn't say a word; she felt she's no longer a wife


She broke my heart as she was crying next to the window

Howling and screaming, "Oh God, I become a widow!"

                      From Inspiration by M. H. Y. (3rd year student)


The Sinner

Sometimes I err and I learn from my mistakes

I try to make it up so I do whatever it takes

I try harder and harder to make it right

With compromises no need to fight

I ask forgiveness from the person I did hurt

But sometimes it's useless; maybe it's too late

I understand and try not to face fate

I stay alone and make sorrow my soul mate

Maybe if I let it go I can live and move ahead

But I can't because I know I hurt a friend

So I go back and try to make her understand

Knowing that she is who I should love and fend

 I'm always somebody's friend, somebody's love

We put sadness apart and seek for something above

Sometimes we cry... sometimes we laugh

But when we hurt each other being sorry is not enough

I still remember that look from your brilliant eyes

I'm losing it and I'm afraid you won't accept my apologize

I really still begging God to answer my prayers

Just to be your friend and bring back your smiles

I wish I could turn back to those days

Back to that warmth coming from love's rays

Just to see your smile and look to your eyes

I'm really tired of being so isolated so alone

Turning around just by my own

Life makes of me a looser and sometimes a winner

Friends hurt me and keep my pain inner

Sometimes I don't know because I'm not keener

But I know I'm a human and just a sinner.

                         From Inspiration by  M. H. Y. ( 3rd year student)


A Matter of Time

Every morning I get up I find myself in a new day

For the best things and goodness I start to pray


I ask God knowledge and wealth

I pray for all asking for grace and health


I ask him to protect me with his magic hand

If something bad happens to me I understand


Life is not as I want or as I planned

It makes me happy and sometimes sad


Life keeps going ahead and never back

Today it's a toy; tomorrow it's a rack


I ask God to give me strength and wisdom

Just to organize myself and live not at random


I'll always pray God to be off trouble and crime

I never rush things; I know it's just a matter of time.

                        From Inspiration by M. H. Y. (3rd year student)


The Truth

Look into my eyes, I'm talking to you

You seem different, I can't find you

You look strange, I don't know you

Tell me the truth, I'm waiting for you

Whether bad or good, I want to hear you


Our relationship grows harder day after day

Am I wrong or have you heard them say

What you want to hear in the wrong way?

I'm really sincere, I'll never betray


I still remember when you passed by me

How could I keep my eyes free?

I lost control and wanted to see

How rough and wavy to sail that sea


I tried so many times to find out

What was wrong with that drought?

I lost my way, I failed without doubt


I saw you there high in the sky

Are you ready for the long fly

Or just eager to make me cry?

I'm afraid to see the end of May

                        From Inspiration by  Rabeh Hamza ( 3rd year student)


Just a Dream

I woke up one day, it was a sunny day.

Opened my eyes I was surrounded by flowers blooming,

People smiling, walking without fear and joking.

Birds were singing happily and freely.

No sadness, no hatred, no sorrow knocked doors.

Everything was merely wonderful and marvellous.

No dark colours, people taking care of each other.

There were no wars, no discrimination between us.

We were opening our arms like branches of trees.

Whatever religion, whatever race and colour.

I accept you and you accept me.

I respect you and respect me;

I forgive you and you forgive.

And angels were around thanking God.

The Provider who gives us,

Love, mercy, tolerance and peace

But was I awake or asleep, unconscious.

What a pity! I woke up and I was disappointed.

Because everything was over and so it was but a dream.

Which I aspire for seeing it comes true.

 From Inspiration by  Jalila B. ( 4th year student, Oran University)



I see a light so bright so high

Coming up from the sky,

Bringing hope for today and tomorrow

Telling me hey!! Forget about your failure and your sorrow

There the sun's shining, there was an angelic halo

Success is not but a word or an impossible dream

It is but a grain which you plant today,

Just take care of it; it needs time and a way

And tomorrow you will get the fruit

The fruit of your hard work and thirst

Thirst for knowledge thirst for hope, thirst for success

And then you will see somebody with wide

Opened arms smiling with you waiting for you

Saying to you I'm the one you are looking for

I'm success

Yet!! Keep in mind that it is a locked gate

Till you find the keys yourself and try on and on

Don't give up cling in god and carry on

Yesterday was cloudy, today flowers bloom and tomorrow

It will shine on

From Inspiration by  Jalila B. ( 4th year student, Oran University)



à A. Elkebir 

Je suis habité par un rêve

gros comme une île,

où les êtres connaissent le rire,

où les femmes sont joyeuses,

et où l’écriture est reine.

Je me suis fabriqué un rêve

pour tenir bon ;

car que faire dans un désert

où le rire est amer?

J’écris pour les deux rives

et j’attends la bonne heure!

J’écris entre les deux rives

et rêve d’un poème navire!

                         By Abbes Bahous, Oran, mai 1991 


Tirez tracer semer

Piquer, repiquer

Reboiser traverser

Filtrer, épurer  assainir


Eau infecte hideuse repoussante

Plonger gourde engourdie

Un puits pur

Eau fraîche froide gelée

Brouillard vapeur a l’arome de détresse

Etoile ferme, bec muré, gorge sèche 

Un aveugle égaré, un amour égaré

Une lettre oubliée, abîmée

Mots pliés, froncés compagnon des souvenirs

Célébrer arroser une plante desséchée déshydratée

Grotte vide, dépeuplée près d’un lac

Envahie porter par les eaux

Dépoussiérer, purifier

Toile d’araignée, tressé bouffi  

Courbe sinueuse

Filet lâché en mer

Songe dans un bruit un tonnerre de bruit

Harceler, tourmenter par des chiens

Aboyer, crier, morsure, une plaie

Douleur, épreuve, tentation  

Visage reposant, détendu, apaisé

Brume espoir, terre promise  

Ciel couffin des âmes  

Un enfant dans un berceau   

Ruisseau qu’a porté moise 

Torrent rapide fâcheux

Un berceau tenace dans un tourbillon

Remuer dans tous les sens

Visage serein, paix profonde

Endormi rêver face à un carnaval

Des masques des déguisements 

Des habillements qui renvoient aux distingués de ce monde 

Bien ou mal, sages ou odieux, fous ou lucides

Endormi rêver méditer

Toucher terre, saisi par une gracieuse dame 

Sourire sincère, des yeux débordants animés par une lumière

Un sein, une tété, lait en abondance 

Source de rêve, fontaine de continuité

Un palais au sommeille féconder par le soleil

Rivière  vînt et survient

Je nais  je renais mais jamais nier ou renier   

                   By Neema Ghenim (University of Oran)


My Mother

Until now you are the one who means all for me

You are the one who has given a lot to me

You are the one who owns the best of me

You are the candle that enlightens the dark side of me

Despite the distance, you will always be next to me 

                 From Inspiration by  Khadidja  B. ( 1st year student )




I wish I found my missing portion

That could get back my soul to me


I wish I could share my emotion

and see what is happening to me


I wish someone could stop my erosion,

Bringing the smile of spring to me


I wish I could fill my leisure fraction

To keep that sorrow away from me


This is not a dream, not even fiction

But a burning desire upon me.

                  By Hassiba B. ( 1st year student )


My Revolution


Like a rock in its tireless power I stopped fighting

Like a mother in her endless yearning, I stopped crying

Like an ocean in its violent agitation, I stopped hesitating

Like a butterfly in its meaningless hope I stopped worrying

Like an anonymous man in all his unpopularity, I stopped fearing

Each day, I feel my soul wounding, cracking down but all the most thinking

About the extraordinary muddle covering my dream or just surrounding!

Each day, I wake up and my look dispels in the bottom of my thought debiting

Prisoner of my words and my sorrow I saw a star shining

It was my will and hope which were asking

To triumph over prejudice and violence or merely for understanding

How to hide truths which like stars are so startling?!

                      By Hassiba Boukhatem ( Teacher of English) 



Once upon a time, a heart with his friend the mind quarreled;

The heart to the mind said: your reason! Oh, I don't need

The mind, serene, retorted: my reason is better! never doubt it

But the mind who didn't believe but his reason, wondered if the heart was so far

His friend, equally confused, stopped him and said that he too didn't have the faintest idea

Often, heart and mind enter in conflicts for the same truth

Often, obstacles erect between the two but without influence,

Creating trust, passion and unfortunately pain

A pain that ends sometimes by a deployment of love and comprehension

But in other times, it prevails...

                       By Hassiba Boukhatem (Teacher of English)




Il y aura toujours une page à tourner

Avant même que ne s’achève la journée

Et les écrits se font tristes,

Et les écrits se font forts

Qu’ils décrivent si bien la piste

Qui se prépare à accueillir le mort


La mémoire est traîtresse

Quand elle se souvient bien

Le cœur alors en un moment de détresse,

Dit au spectre de l’oubli vient !

Délivre moi du passé qui défile devant moi

Et qui, de mon présent, se fait roi


La raison alors entre en scène

Et s’adresse au cœur et à la mémoire

‘ Pourquoi tant de frayeur et de peine ?

Il faut toujours garder espoir…

Blessures indélébiles vous dites ?

Cela me taquine et m’excite !


 ‘ A l’impossible nul n’est tenu

Cela vous devriez le savoir

Maintenant avec ma venue

Je reprends possession de mes pouvoirs

Ecartez vous de mon chemin

Toi le cœur, et toi la mémoire

Je vous promets de beaux lendemains

Car pour réussir il suffit de vouloir.’


La raison vint d’un pas sûr

Préparer et inventer des phrases

Bâtir et détruire des murs,

Tels de petits insectes qu’elle écrase…

Après un long et dur effort

La raison réussit enfin à changer le décor

‘ Ecoutez moi : toi la mémoire et toi le cœur

J’en viens à la fin de ma mission

Après de longs moments de labeur,

De travail et de construction…

Soyez heureux mes bien chers frères

Désormais cet être est libre sur terre.


Le cœur se tue puis se mit à parler

S’adressant aux autres avec une pointe d’amertume

‘ Je jalouse ce que la raison a fait

Et revendique ce que dit la coutume :

‘ Chez l’être je tiens une place de choix '

Mais à voir cela j’en perds la voix ’


La mémoire alors toute excitée

Rapplique en toute liberté :

‘ Oui, oui, je suis tout à fait d’accord…

A quoi suis-je bonne aujourd’hui

A la vie, à la mort ?

Aux oubliettes, ou à l’ennui ?


 ‘ Arrêtez donc de vous plaindre, dit la raison

Je n’ai fait que mon travail…

Croyez-vous sincèrement que notre maison

Aurait pu, sans moi, gagner la bataille ?

Prêtez moi l’oreille et écoutez

Avec attention, ce que j’ai à raconter


Toi le cœur, tu as de beaux jours devant toi

Bonheur, paix, amour et joie

Tu rendras l’être confiant et ravi

Car tu lui auras redonné goût à la vie

Tu connaîtras de glorieux jours

Et seras vedette à ton tour


Quand à toi chère et tendre mémoire

Personne ne te dit au revoir…

Ta place est aussi sure

Que celle de la terre, et du ciel

Ou bien que le goût pur

Que trouverait une abeille au miel.


Le cœur et la mémoire sourirent avec émoi

Et remercièrent la raison

‘ Tu es celle qui effaça le froid

L’été devint roi des saisons

A nous  trois nous faisons la force de l’être

Aucun de nous ne pourra disparaître


Ainsi continua la vie

Entente, dispute ou conflit

Néanmoins, l’être en sort toujours vainqueur

Grâce à la mémoire, la raison et le cœur

‘ Le temps passe et la vie est belle ’

Quelqu’un m’a dit ça et je m’en rappelle

                    By Sabrine M'zad, 2000 ( Teacher of English)





Qu'on nous laisse donc partir vous et moi,

Quand le soir s'étale contre le ciel

Tel un patient éthérisé sur une table;

Allons par certaines rues mi-désertes,

Grommelantes retraites,

De nuits blanches aux hôtels de passage pas chers,

Restaurants de sciure et leurs écailles d'huître:

Des rues qui suivent tel un argument pénible

D'insidieuse intention,

Pour vous mener à une accablante question...

Oh, "qu'est-ce que c'est ?", vous dites !

Allons faire notre visite.


Dans la salle les femmes vont et viennent

Parlant de Michel Ange de Toscane.


Et, le brouillard jaune qui se frotte le dos,

Contre les carreaux,

La fumée jaune qui se frotte le museau,

Contre les carreaux,

Se lécha la langue parmi les coins du soir,

Se traîna sur les flaques devenues canaux,

Accueillit sur son dos la suie des cheminées,

Se glissa par la terrasse, fit un grand saut,

Et vu que c'était une douce nuit d'Octobre,

S'enroula autour du logis et s'endormit...


                Traduit de l'anglais par Abbes BAHOUS Wivenhoe (Essex, G-B).


Heart of Corruption


In this world of desires,

I feel so confused and lost. 

On one hand my mind

And on the other my heart.

Certain matters still seem enigmatic.

Maybe because my experience of life is naive,

Or maybe my mind cannot fancy.

Or even accepts to make the superficial,

One of its priorities and delves my soul onto total corruption.

I acknowledge the heart is pretty tempted.

Yet, the heart is but an unfaithful fellow.

It forsakes people when needed the most.

My human references are of little help to me,

For they keep on veiling and playing roles.

I guess they are in part responsible of my dilemma.

Indeed, it is more than a dilemma.

It is a great fog hampering my path.

I had but little of these issues

When I was younger, full of innocence and purity.

In fact, my trouble is deeper and more serious.

It's developed from a great hatred of fake.

I'm trying to find balance between heart and mind,

But  corruption inside people is spoiling me.

I have questioned myself repeatedly,

But I found no explanation to my hysteria.

At last I realized that the problem was away.

It was more serious than my stupid hysteria.

I found out that this was a test.

In my days of gloom when I was seeking a hand,

I forgot about the real source of help.

I did not realize I was surrounded by references.

That my faith: the purity of my very soul is the guide.

The only light I could ever rely on to illuminate my way.  

                        By Radia Benyoucef   (Third year student)



If I were ... I would  


If I were a bird,

I would fly.
I would fly everywhere.
I would know no limitations.
I would spread my wings as wide as I can.
I would look at the earthy creatures as completely different from me.
I would sing every time.
I would never land ; every place would be my home ... 


If I were the Sun I would light the whole world. 
I would make the moon happier.
I would warm every cold place.

I would light  every dark corner.

I would send my beams to those who need them.

I would never betray those who love me. 


If I were the MoonI would share the sad their sadness.
I would ask the sun for some light.

I would be the friend of the sun.

I would talk to the stars.

I would make every night more beautiful than its former.

I would always be a full moon to support those who walk alone at night ... 


If I were a Star,  
I would fall in love with the moon.
I would sing for her the most romantic songs. 
I would shine and shine until earthy creatures can see me.

I would never be satisfied with only being near the moon.

I would inspire the moon with what she needs ... 


If I were a Pen,

I would write all the beautiful words.
I would never write mean things.

I would inspire each writer with splendid ideas.
I would help students while learning ... 



Redrafted by CHAREF A Soufyane (4th year student) 



The Window

The winter rain drops fall graciously,
whispering a sound of hope gently.


Life is still there, and hope is too

Since the drops are still falling as if they come through.


You stand and keep watching,

With a smile in your face like a painting.


You forget all your worries,

You recall the past and open your dairies.


You bring back your lost memories with emotion,

With a smile and a strong bucket of affection.


Contemplating the pure drops in front of you,

You remember the best of you.


You remember you were fabulous,

But you’ve lost the will and become powerless.


Don’t blame yourself for breakdown

Since the drops are still falling down.


You open the window to caress the rain,

Just for a while to awaken the brain.


You smell the zest of the painting colour,

Strengthening your soul like no other.


It’s the smell of rain

That can chase your pain.


Keep open your room window

To be a part of the everlasting rainbow.


Fill all hearts with love and tenderness;

Make others strive for hope and kindness.


Let them keep your hopes forever,

To make of you their lover.


Sure, a loving heart is too bright

To enlighten your way with an eternal light.


        By A. Benouadjah  (Teacher)



Live Your Life


Live your life lavishly

Not to regret bitterly

Live in love and loveliness

Not to lose your liveliness


Live your life happily

To spend nice moments splendidly

Cherish your parents forever

For they may leave whenever


Certainly, you have to die

What you want is just a lie

Chase hate from inside

If you do not want it as a pride


Life is a gift to all

Pay attention not to fall

Think about it all the time

To be safe inside the frame


Life is full of loving souls,

Surrounding us but nobody knows

Smile to life evermore

It will smile to you once more


Life is more beautiful than I can say

So fight obstacles with a pray

Resist the gloomy moments

And live your life with talents


                                By Zineb DEROUICHE

(Architect and teacher researcher at the University of Mostaganem, department of architecture -2014)